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FREE Hands-on Hadoop BigData Demonstration class by Highly Experienced BigData IIT professional on coming Saturday 11 to 12 pm !! Please call @ +91 8377-00-1477 for more details.......

Hadoop BigData

Technolors provides best Hadoop Training Institute in Noida to working IT professionals & IT fresher’s who are willing to learn & gain expertise in Hadoop BigData components.

Technolors is one of the most believable Hadoop training institutes in Noida to build the confidence of individual so that individual can straight work in live projects. We offers practical Hadoop hands-on exercises & real time Big Data projects.

At Technolors Hadoop Big Data training in Noida is conducted by subject matter expert, BTech from IIT-Roorkee having 13 yrs. of extensive experience in BigData Research & Development - currently working as Big Data architect in fortune six MNC organisation. Along with team of Trainers has vast experience in Hadoop, Data science & various Big Data components.

Technolors software Trainings & Solutions have designed the Hadoop Big Data course as per the current market need to uplift the career of Individual in IT industry. Hadoop Big Data course we provide is 100% practical oriented based on real time big data scenarios. In every class session we concentrate more on hands-on Hadoop exercises in order to provide the optimum exposure along with Hadoop placement training. After the program - Our Core team helps individuals to prepare appropriate resume for Hadoop Big Data skill sets- & make sure 100% to get calls & convert them into IT industry opportunities.

Technolors a Computer Training Institute for Hadoop in Noida- we provide the Hadoop course including Hadoop Generation 1 & 2 concepts, Hadoop Architecture, HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie, NoSql database HBase & we will Introduce other Big Data RealTime components & Hadoop Projects. We optimise the Hadoop course in such a way that it boost up the experience of individual to easily crack the interviews and place in to MNC organisations.

Technolors Hadoop Training in Noida has been modelled as per niche market trends by considering the advanced Big Data course content and curriculum based on the individual needs of the professional; it helps them to gain expertise & acquire perfect skill sets to uplift career growth and place into appropriate projects/IT companies.

Technolors is the Hadoop training institute in Noida with the team of highly technically experts & provides optimum lab exercises for multiple Big Data components at Noida Location by charging genuine fees.

At Technolors Hadoop training is conducted during weekends, via classroom, online & fast track mode based on needs of individual. Hence we guaranteed that this is only best Hadoop training institute in Noida NCR with 100% placement support.

This course is expected to take two months with total 16 classes including Hadoop cluster installation, each class is having 2+ hours training. It can take lesser time if the number of hours per day is increased.

No pre requisite required for the classes as such, appreciate to have the basic knowledge of Java or Python.

Duration: 42 hours class room program, 8 Weekends
Prerequisites: Good to have Basic Knowledge of UNIX, SQL or Java (We conduct Free Java Classes on Saturday and Sunday)
Lab: Lab sessions + 60 plus home assignments
After the classes: Students will easily crack Hadoop interview and have advance knowledge of Big data Ecosystem

Who get this training Hadoop?

a. Data analysts and scientist
b. Big Data professionals
c. Developers- Java, PlSQL, Any Programming
d. System Administrator
e. Operation Professionals
f. Automation Engineers
g. Robotics Engineers
h. College Students
i. Project Managers



Designed as per the current market need to uplift the career in IT industry
Interview preparation & Placement Support
Professional environment of learning with lots of focus on Hands-on training
Realtime Practical approach
Build the confidence of individual to crack the interviews & straight work in live projects

1. Start right from the Hadoop installation.
2. No pre-requisite required for the classes, good to have little Java or unix background.
3. Practicals approach to solve the scripting issues rather than theoritical.
4. All study materials included in the course fee
5. Completion Certification after the training.
6. Real time Live project with Day to Day hands-on excersices.

Free Demonstration / Introduction to Big Data

First Class Free Demonstration, includes:
• What is Big Data ?
• 3Vs of Big Data
• Sources of Big data flood
• Data explosion and the need for Big Data
• Concept of Big Data
• Enterprises & Big Data
• Key Characteristics of BigData
• Challenges with Traditional Systems
• Solution for Big data
• Live Hands-on Working Demo for HDFS & MapReduce

Week 1- Understanding Big Data and Hadoop

• Hadoop Core Concepts
• Why Hadoop & History of Hadoop
• Hadoop Use-Cases

• Introductionto Hadoop Ecosystem
• Breaking data into chunks
• Why Hadoop cluster?
• Why Hadoop2 came after Hadoop1?
• How Hadoop works
• Core components of Hadoop
• NameNode backup in Hadoop1.x

•Hadoop Cluster Looks like
•Web Console
•HDFS commands

**How to use Virtual-Box to open a Virtual Machine

Week 2 -Hadoop Architecture and HDFS

• Assignment – Week 1 Follow-up
• Assignment Practise & Solution

• Introduction to HDFS
• Design of HDFS
• HDFS data flow
• Blocks in HDFS
• Hadoop Architecture
• HDFS & Map-Reduce Architecture

• Processing on Input Split
• Relation between Hadoop block and split
• HDFS file Read-write
• Hadoop Installation,Hadoop EcoSystem
• Hadoop configuration files
• Demo of HDFS commands
•HDFS Basic Concepts
•Rack awareness & Fault Tolerance
•Map-Reduce Basic Concepts
•Module3 Pre Work: Setup the Hadoop development virtual environment
•Hadoop Distribution Platforms- Quick Walk Through
•Various Big Data components
Demo & Practical

Week3 -Hadoop Map-Reduce Framework - I

• MapReduce using Java and Python
• MapReduce Definition
• Real life examples
• Mapper-reducer functions
• MapReduce Example,Demo

•Hadoop Map-Reduce framework
•Working of Map-Reduce on data stored in HDFS
•Running MR program on VM
•Jars needed for Map-Reduce Program
•Word Count Problem Statement
•Write Mapper Java Class
•Reducer Class
•Driver component
•Solving other Problem Statements using Map-Reduce
•YARN concepts in Map-Reduce
•Module 3 Assignment
•Module 4 Pre-work
• Demo to build a MR application
• More real world usecases for MapReduce

Week4 & 5- Java + Hadoop Map-Reduce

• Java Basic Concepts- If Required
-Java Architecture
-Object Oriented Concepts using Java
-Standard Java Class Library
-Exception Handling

•Advance Map-Reduce
•YARN (MR v2) Architecture
•Understand concepts like Input Splits in Map-Reduce
•Combiner & Partitioner
•Demos on Map-Reduce using different data sets
-Weather Dataset
-HealthCare Dataset
•Module Assignment

Week 6- Apache Hive Framework

• Understanding Hive
• Hive Query Language
• Hive Architecture
• Analytics Using Hive
• Hive Partition Concepts
•       Static Partioning
•       Dynamic Partitioning

• Different Types of Joins
• Demo & Hands-on excersices on
• Managed & External tables
• Dynamic Partitioning
• Join Examples
• Hive use-case using HealthCare Data

• Hive Formats
• TextInput Format
• Avro
• Parquet
• Previous Weeks Assignment

Week 7- Apache Pig Framework

• Understand Pig
• Pig Latin
/ what is Pig
/ Pig Components
/ Pig Grunt
• Pig Architecture
• Pig Grunt- Demo session

• SQL vs Pig
• Pig latin language
• Data Relations
• Data Types
• Relational operators

Week 8- No SqL Database- Apache Hbase Framework

• Introduction to No Sql databases
• Understanding Columnar Architecture
• what is Hbase
• HBase & its Datamodel
• HBase Architecture
• HBase practical Demo
• Create, Read, Update Hbase Table
• Real time Scenario- Live Example

• Row-Oriented vs. Column-Oriented data stores
• Relational Databases vs. HBase
• HDFS Hadoop vs HBase
• Hbase Architecture
-.META table
-HBase HFile Structure
-HBase Minor Compaction
-HBase Major Compaction
-Region Load Balancing
-HBase Crash Recovery
•HBase Architecture Benefits & Demerits Problems

Week 9 - Real-Time Project Explaination

• Understanding of other BigData Components – Sqoop, Flume , Oozie
– HandsOn Excersices on Sqoop, Flume , Oozie
• Real-World project discussion & Analysis
• Business problem Statement
• Use-case Analysis
• Live Code walk through
• Resume update- Project summary , Roles & Responsibilities

FREE Hands-on Hadoop BigData Demonstration class by Highly Experienced BigData IIT professional on coming Saturday 11 to 12 pm !! Please call @ +91 8377-00-1477 for more details.......