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Data Science

No pre requisite required for the classes. Appreciate to have the basic knowledge of cloud would help Duration: 48-54 hours class room program, 8-9 Weekends. Prerequisites: Basic computer knowledge, any data related experience will be advantageous. After the classes: Students will easily crack interviews on Business analytics, data visualization (Tableau) related positions. Any interview for entry level data analyst position would be a cake walk for the candidates Who get this training? Any graduate/post graduate or students in final stages of graduation + People willing to align careers in analytics Team leaders working with data and often need basic data analysis Engineers looking for career opportunities in IT/ITES industry Management students looking for strategic positions People already working with huge datasets Hadoop Professionals CA, CS, CFA

  • Start right from the tool installations.
  • No pre-requisite required for the classes.
  • Practical’s approach to cover the syllabus by mentors from industry having 8+ years in data analytics (One of the best that you can find in this industry)
  • All study materials included in the course fee

Introduction to Data Science

  • Introduction to Data analytics
  • Understanding Business Applications
  • Data types and data Models
  • Type of Business Analytics
  • Descriptive, Predictive, Supply Chain, Health care etc.
  • Descriptive Statistics & different visualizations
  • Types of data distributions and business significance
  • Hypothesis Testing and applications
  • Web Analytics – Business Analytics
  • Understanding Big Data and Data Science.

Data Analytics using Excel

  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Multiple Data formatting options
  • Data security options
  • Excel shortcuts – A cheat sheet to remember
  • Multiple Data handling techniques (Filters, validations, grouping, etc.)
  • Using formulae and functions in excel
  • Advanced functions (vlookup, pivot tables)
  • Data Analysis and simulation (what is analysis, scenario builder, solver, etc.)
  • Introduction to Macros
  • Data locking, sharing and tracking
  • Project leveraging excel to derive data observations

Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems

  • Understanding Databases and SQL
  • Write Queries for Data Extraction
  • Design Complex Querie
  • Query Plan and SQL understanding
  • Database options for data mining

Statistics with R/R Studio

  • Introduction to R/R Studio
  • Why companies prefer R?
  • Demonstration of R installation of multiple OS
  • Basic programming in R/R Studio
  • Variables, Operators, Functions, Conditionals Statement, loops etc
  • Import CSV, XLS, SQL files to R/R Studio
  • Data Manipulation techniques in R/R Studio
  • Visualization using R/R Studio
  • Introduction to regression
  • Theory on Simple Linear regression and multiple linear regression
  • Theory on Logistic regression
  • Linear regression model building using R/R Studio
  • Logistic regression model building using R/R Studio
  • Machine Learning with R
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Prediction using statistical models

Tableau Analytics

  • Tableau Introduction
  • Data connection to Tableau
  • Calculated fields, parameters, sets, groups in Tableau
  • Various visualizations Techniques in Tableau
  • Map based visualization using Tableau
  • Creating Tableau Dashboard
  • Creating Story using Tableau
  • Analytics using Tableau
  • Clustering using Tableau
  • Time series analysis using Tableau
  • Simple Linear Regression using Tableau

R integration in Tableau

  • Integrating R code with Tableau
  • Creating statistical model with dynamic inputs
  • Visualizing R output in Tableau

FREE Hands-on Hadoop BigData Demonstration class by Highly Experienced BigData IIT professional on coming Saturday 11 to 12 pm !! Please call @ +91 8377-00-1477 for more details.......