Set Up Cloudera QuickStart VM in 3 Easy Steps !!

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a) 64-bit VMs require a 64-bit host OS
b) Minimum 4+ GiB* Ram required
c) Download Oracle VirtualBox

Set Up Cloudera QuickStart VM in 3 Easy Steps !!   

Step1) Go to the Cloudera Downloads page

Select version & platform under the ” Get started Now”
For my case I had selected earlier the version available: Cloudera -5.4.2 . For your case it could be the other latest version
– Select platform as “Virtual Box” . Note if you have VmWare player then you should select VmWare.

Click on Get it now.  Note: It would ask you to fill your personal details:
After adding your details . Click continue.. It would ask you to accept Cloudera standard license. Accept the license & click Submit 

Note: After successful download it would show you the Pre-requisites as highlighted above. Make sure to meet the pre-requisites before you goahead.

Step2) Extract the zip file “” Note for my case its 5.4.2 version . for your case it could be the different one.
After extract you would find ‘cloudera-quickstart-vm-5.4.2-0-virtualbox.ovf’ file . Note the path of this file

Step3) Open the Oracle VM VirtualBox manager in Windows.. select File..import Appliance.. browse to .ovf file(as extracted in step 2). Click Next.

It would show you the configurations of cloudera virtual machine. Verify the required configurations as per shown in below screenshots. for instance minimum Ram should be 4GB.

– Click on Import

And after successful import..You are Done !!!

Start & Verify

Click on Start button .. to start your Cloudera VM.

Note: Based on your Laptop/Desktop configuration(RAM, CPU..) which you have set in above steps it would take time. And FYI would start lot of Bigdata components & services for you, for instance: Hadoop Hive Server Hbase Sqoop Impala Hue Spark Solar Oozie

Ready to Perform Handson Excersices !!

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